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Palm Sunday

The Entrance into Jerusalem

'Blessed is He that comes...': this is the feast of Christ the King - welcomed by children at His entry into Jerusalem, and to be welcomed likewise by each one of us into our own heart.  'Blessed is He that comes...' - that comes not so much out of the past as out of the future: for on Palm Sunday we welcome not only the Lord who entered Jerusalem long ago, riding on a donkey, but the Lord who comes again in power and great glory, as King of the Future Age.  Palms and branches are blessed after the Gospel at Matins, and held with lighted candles during t

Lazarus Saturday

This day, along with Palm Sunday, occupies a special position between Lent and Holy Week.  Following the forty days of penitence which have just ended, and immediately before the days of darkness and mourning which are to follow in the week of the Passion, there come two days of joy and triumph on which the Church keeps festival.  The Saturday before Palm Sunday celebrates the raising of Lazarus at Bethany (John 11:1-46).  This miracle is performed by Christ as a reassurance to His disciples before the coming Passion: they are to understand that, though He suffers and dies, y

The Sixth Week of Lent

Mary of Egypt - Sunday of the Sixth WeekDuring the services of [the sixth] week, and to a still greater extent during Holy Week, the Triodion assumes the character of a historical narrative.  Day by day we accompany Christ: we are with Him as He draws near to Jerusalem, as He reaches Bethany to raise Lazarus, as He enters the Holy City on Palm Sunday, as He approaches His Passion.  The daily offices are marked by


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