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Basic rules for attendance:

  • You may not attend unless you have signed up using one of the signups found below.
  • Because of the social distancing requirements published by the diocese, we have very limited space and can only fit a few people at a time.  Therefore, please only attend once per month to ensure your brothers and sisters all have a chance to attend.  If there are still spots open a few days before a service is scheduled, a notification will be sent to our mailing list letting people know that anyone may sign up at that point, even if you have already recently attended.
  • Masks are required at all times while on the ground of the parish.
  • There are spaces indicated on the floor of the church.  Please stand on your space to ensure we maintain appropriate distancing.  Families are not required to abide by distancing, however small children need to be kept near their parents.
  • If you are sick, do not attend.
  • There will be a person designated to light candles during the service.  Tell the designated person (they'll be by the door) how many candles you wish, and they will light the candles for you.

Click the signup link below to sign up for that service: