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Dear Baba

"Dear Baba" is an anonymously penned column written by one of Saint Mary's own parishioners.  It documents, in a question and answer format, the day-to-day piety that Orthodox Christians try to aspire to.  The format is similar to the popular "Dear Abby" newspaper column, wherein a question is presented to Baba, who then answers it according to Church tradition.  

The intent of the column is to give us the wisdom and flavor of day-to-day life in the Church that many of us, especially those of us who are "converts", don't have easy access to.  One great benefit of the electronic form of this wisdom is that it doesn't run us the risk of having our ears tugged on by an offended Baba physically delivering her wisdom in an immediate and painful manner!

If you have a question for Baba, please email it to stmaryofegypt@gmail.com and it will be passed along to her for inclusion in an upcoming article.

Please check back soon!  "Dear Baba" articles are being converted from the old site regularly.